Can We Make Video Evergreen?

May 31, 2023

What content used to be

Proponents of technology often say that tech has simplified lives. It is easier for the average digitally connected person, for example, to get driven from Point A to Point B, to get food delivered to the door, or to buy and sell things using the myriad of payment systems on the internet, with cash, credit, or whatever coin they own. 

But if your job is in creating content, your life may have been simpler 1000 years ago. It was hard to create (think: acquiring paper, canvases, inks), and it was hard to publish (think: industrial printing presses did not exist before the 1400s). Making one masterpiece in your lifetime was probably good enough. 

Now, creators are under pressure to make masterpieces every week.

The removal of barriers in publishing means higher expectations and increased demand for new content. There is a lot of pressure on content creators to constantly come up with original pieces, to stay up to date, and make sure their content is evergreen. 

Content is also now an all-encompassing word for so many mediums: text, images, audio, video. Updating text-based content may be easy, but what about the other pieces? 

We built whitebalance around one central question: how can you make the process of creating and updating video as easy as text? 

Here’s how we’re tackling this: 

We’re making professional recording and rerecording as seamless as possible with auto framing and prompting guides, so that you never have to jump through the hoops to get good quality footage. 

We’re making it easier to collaborate on video content — if you need Pam from the product team to work on one part, Jess from finance to do another, you can easily assign them scenes to do (and redo)!  

We use AI to automate editing, so you can just drop in new material and regenerate an updated cut instantly.  

We integrate exporting and embedding with your existing platforms, so there are never extra steps. 

Multimedia publishing has changed so much and content creation has to catch up. As more of the world turns to remote working, learning and creating, we’re excited to build a supportive ecosystem that makes content creation cheaper, faster, and better. 

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