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The first production studio on the internet.

At our virtual studios,
AI guides you and your devices to capture masterful shots for automatic editing and output.
We are your solution to easily build narrative, capture, publish, and manage video.

a 10x faster and cheaper way
for teams to make asynchronous content

A diagram showing the Whitebalance video communication ecosystem
We're building a new ecosystem for video so you can do what professionals do.

Create high quality video-based content at our virtual studios, where an AI-editor that automatically generates cuts for you. Manage your content library on our platform.
A DSLR camera kit with a tripod and a mic


Creator Kit
We ship a toolkit that records or livestreams high quality video to an address of your choice. You keep the kit for a day and return it with a prepaid shipping label once done.


Creator Kit + Remote filming
Basic Package plus a 3-hour guided filming or livestream session with one of our award-winning cinematographers.


Creator Kit + Remote filming + Editing
Plus Package plus editing the video into a 60-second product with 1 revision included.

our founders have made videos for

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