Bigger rocket or lighter spaceship?

May 31, 2023

If you’re trying to launch a spaceship into orbit, it is tempting to think about building a bigger rocket instead of designing a lighter spaceship, says Shankar Vedantam of the Hidden Brain podcast.

While companies often focus on pushing harder to get people to use their product, it is more effective to acquire users by removing friction for them. In the case of video, what does that look like? 

Launching a spaceship into orbit is like getting a video made. It’s not easy. There are also endless companies that are building bigger rockets. Companies like Runway ML Capsule Kamua all help you add filters that are snazzier, edit moving objects quicker, and easily put in interesting assets like music and animation. The rocket certainly looks impressive, but does it actually get you there? 

More often than not, structuring a narrative is the biggest friction to making a video. We think that building a lighter spaceship that gets to orbit in the video world means helping people offload the weight of crafting a story. 

The most frequent questions our customers ask are: what should this video be about? What should I say? What do my customers talk about? It might sound simple, but creators are under so much pressure to generate content that sometimes it is hard to know what the point of a video is. Story comes first, filters and all other assets are secondary. And while the proliferation of video editor tools has helped with the process, it hasn’t made it any easier to get started. 

This is why we’ve automated narrative building even before video capture. We help you decide on the tone and style of the video and automatically generate questions for anyone involved in the recording. For customers getting recorded, it might look like “describe your workflow before and after using this product?” For educators getting recorded, it might be “why should students care about this course?” For product demos, it might be “why is your solution great?”  

Making a good video is both an editorial and a technical feat.

We give you all the editorial support you need upfront so that you will always know the purpose of your content and what exactly needs to be said. Happy creating! 

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